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::Welcome To Ryde's Independent Lifeboat::


Welcome to the home of Ryde Inshore Rescue; an Independent Lifeboat station based on the Isle of Wight. 
On call to HMCG 365 days a year, we operate to inshore lifeboats from our headquarters at Appley.  As a declared service we attend a variety of incidents from boats running aground on the infamous Ryde Sands to children getting swept out to sea on inflatables in offshore winds.  No matter what the emergency we will be there.... and best of all; we do it all for free!
Our team is made up of volunteers from all walks of life who share the common interest in wanting to help others.  Training is to a high standard and the volunteers need to be able to give at least 1 day a week to ensure that they meet the requirements to become operational.

Despite popular belief, just like 60 other lifeboat stations within the United Kingdom we are not part of the RNLI and do not receive funding from them or the government.  If you make a donation to the RNLI thinking that it will reach us you are mistaken.  We survive solely on the generosity of the public and with running costs of around £30,000 each year we need people to be generous!!

Please take a look through the website to learn more about us and if you have an enquiry please Contact us.

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